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Google Home joins forces with Sony’s Android TVs and Chromecast speakers

The Google Home can now be used as a voice-activated remote control for Sony’s 4K HDR Android TV sets, while it’ll also pair with Sony speakers featuring built-in Chromecast technology.

Thanks to a firmware update, those rocking the specific televisions will be able to link up their Google Home speaker and summon content from Netflix and YouTube without lifting a finger.

The new Netflix skill rolled out to other Chromecast-enabled displays last week, while voice-activated YouTube functionality has been available since Google Home went on sale last month.

Why it wasn’t initially available on the Sony Android TV products, which have Cast tech built in, is a bit of a mystery, but it’s all academic now.

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Likewise with the speakers, which also gain Google Home compatibility today. The best news here is the ability to group them together through the Home app for an really impressive multi-room experience.

The Google Home is compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio and Pandora so there’s a solid range of audio content you can command through word of mouth.

The compatible Sony audio products include the HT-ST9, HT-NT5, HT-CT790, HT-XT2, HT-RT5 sound bars, model STR-DN1070, STR-DN1060, and STR-DN860 receivers, model SRS-X99, SRS-ZR7, SRS-ZR5, and the SRS-HG1 wireless speakers.

Also, as per TrustedReviews contributor John Archer, Amazon Video finally became available on recent Sony Android TV sets, bringing a double dose of good news for Sony Android TV owners. 


Google Home is gradually gaining new third-party Actions, but is struggling to compete with the large suite of Skills the Amazon’s Echo’s Alexa assistant has accrued.

We’ve tested the Google Home extensively and will have a full review posted in the coming days.

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