Google hires Chief Game Designer for Android

Google has hired veteran video games designer Noah Falstein, seemingly to work on the Android platform.

TechCrunch has uncovered the fact from Falstein’s LinkedIn page, which suggests he began employment as Google’s first Chief Game Designer in April.

Even more intriguingly, an earlier, cached version of this same LinkedIn profile features Falstein’s job title as “Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio.”

This seems to be the first anyone has heard of an Android Play Studio, but it suggests that Google has big things planned in the field of mobile gaming.

It was discovered last month that Google was developing its own take on Apple’s Game Center, which will create a hub for multiplayer gaming, global leaderboards, in-game chat and achievements.

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Falstein’s role suggests that Google might have even bigger plans in the gaming space. Here is a man, after all, who has worked for the now sadly defunct LucasArts during their golden period, helping to designing the acclaimed point and click adventure Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

In more recent times, Falstein has worked as a video game consultant. Another interesting area of expertise of his, according to his bio, lies in “adding game techniques and structure to commercial and educational titles” – or as the term has come to be known, ‘gamification.’

Could Google be planning to gamify some of Android’s interface elements? Does this have anything to do with Google Glass and its potentially revolutionary augmented reality components? Or could it be related to the company’s work on Super Sync Sports (pictured)?

We don’t know. One thing’s for sure, though – Google has turned its considerable attention and resources to gaming. Watch out Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft – and of course Apple.

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