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Google Glass tipped to become product family

Google might be expanding the Glass range into a whole family of products, a new report suggests.

The team behind the Glass headset is now hiring, and the job postings suggest we may see new incarnations of the device.

According to BusinessInsider, Google is looking for new hires to work on ‘smart eyewear and other related products’.

It’s an undeniably ambiguous statement; does ‘other related products’ mean standalone devices, or mere Glass peripherals and accessories.

What it does mean is that Google wants to pad out the Glass ecosystem in an effort to revive the product.

Job postings include positions for an Audio Hardware Manager, a Human Factors Designer, an RF Systems Engineer, and a Hardware Automation Engineer (Manufacturing).

From that list, it’s difficult to tell what other products Google is eyeing up, but we’re expecting they’ll fall within augmented reality or virtual reality categories.

We also get some clues from the new Glass team description, which reads: “The Google Glass division is a world-class team focused on the cutting edge of hardware, software, and industrial design.”

It continues: “It is charged with pioneering, developing, building, and launching smart eyewear and other related products in line with Google’s ambitious and visionary objectives.

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We’re expecting that Google will either focus on augmented reality to take on Microsoft’s HoloLens, or segue into virtual reality and join the growing roster of VR devices now emerging.

Regardless, it’s good news that Google hasn’t given up on Glass after the company stopped selling the device earlier this year.

The company admitted that it drew ‘too much attention’ to the program, and was planning a rethink of the device.

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