Google Glass founder moves to Amazon

The founder of the Google Glass project team has moved from Google to work from Amazon.

Babak Parviz was part of the Google X project that gave birth to Google Glass, but now he has left Google to work for the online retail giant on some unknown projects.

Parviz revealed news of the job move on his Google Plus page, saying he was “super excited” to reveal his new position at Amazon, even if he doesn’t reveal what his actual job title is.

“I founded and lead a few efforts at Google (among them, Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses are public so far), prior to moving to Amazon and work on a few other things now…” reads Parviz’s updated Google Plus profile.

As to what specifically he’ll be responsible for at Amazon, we’re not sure yet, but Parviz’s talents and prior experience should see him further develop the optical effects introduced with the Amazon Fire phone.

Amazon’s first smartphone came with four front-facing cameras to create its ‘Firefly’ effect, a rather unique dynamic perspective UI effect that lets you experience more by tilting or moving the phone.

“I dig making (really) small things, new computing and communication tools, high-tech with social impact and biotech and usually hang out in the Silicon Valley or Seattle,” said Parviz.

Parviz himself has been working on optics for smart device systems for decades, so no doubt Amazon is looking to cash in on his expertise in the area.

In particular, his research saw him strive to create a smart contact lens that would offer information on a wearer’s surroundings via augmented reality overlays.

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