Google Gears Built Into Opera Mobile 9.5

Mobile browsing taken to the next (highly delicious) level...

Now here’s a hugely significant development…

Opera Mini 9.5 is joining Android in supporting Google Gears making it the first third party mobile browser to support this game changing functionality. If you haven’t gotten your head around Google Gears yet then you may not realise just what a big deal this is so let me educate you. Gears is the breakthrough which takes the theoretical benefits of Cloud computing and makes them a practical reality.

In short, Gears enables compatible web applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Picassa, Remember the Milk and even WordPress to be accessed seamlessly when offline. It does this by caching data which ultimately means you get all the benefits of Cloud computing when connected to the Internet (anywhere data access, fast operation, online storage/backup) combined with the availability of a locally installed desktop application even if that connection breaks.

So it’s a good idea (and that’s without even going to the potential performance benefits) so how do you get it? Simple, install the Opera Mobile 9.5 technology preview build on your phone (virtually every handset is supported – iPhone aside), navigate to the Google Gears website and just click the ‘Install Gears’ button. Gears functionality then kicks in automatically when visiting any site with support and compliance is growing all the time.

Gears also works with Firefox 1.5+, IE 6.0+ and Safari 3.1.1+ but the great news here is now other third party mobile browsers will to forced to follow suit. Up into the Cloud we go…!

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