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Google finally fixes Gmail for iOS

Google has updated its Gmail app for iOS with the ability to download emails in the background.

Since it first launched on Apple’s mobile platform, Gmail has been hamstrung by the sluggish rate at which it displayed fresh emails. Whilst new messages would register in notifications, the messages themselves would only be pulled in when you booted up the app, leading to long delays.

Now, Google has given Gmail for iOS the ability to pull in new emails in the background, making it behave much more like the stock iOS Mail app.

The reason this feature has just been enabled in version 3.0 of the iOS Gmail app is iOS 7. The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS finally enables proper background app refresh for third party applications.

Because of this, you’ll need to have iOS 7 installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in order to benefit from the latest update. Hard luck for all you iPhone 3GS and original iPad owners, then.

You’ll also need to ensure that Background App Refresh is turned on in the iOS 7 settings menu, and that you have at least one notification enabled for the Gmail app.

In addition to this major enhancement, the new Gmail app enables the simplified sign-up process that we’ve seen in other Google iOS apps. If you’ve signed in to the Google Maps, Google Drive, Chrome, or YouTube apps, you won’t have to type in your password switching to Gmail – and vice versa.

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Via: Official Gmail Blog