Google Earth Adds 100m Stars, 200m Galaxies

A quite simply stunning achievement.

Is this the best Google Earth update yet?

Released today is ‘Sky’ – a simply stunning addition included in the latest version of the software which, for the first time, lets users take a journey upwards letting them trawl through a remarkable 100m stars and 200m galaxies.

Though in its initial phase, Sky already has filters installed which lets users isolate individual constellations, and create layers to highlight specific stars, galaxies and nebulae that are visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, thousands of them can be clicked on for larger pictures and additional information.

Speaking to the NY Times Carol Christian, an astronomer with the Space Telescope Science Institute said “You will be able to browse into the sky like never before… These are really the images of the sky. Everything is real.”

In fact, what users see is the painstaking result of more than one million high resolution space photographs stitched together. That doesn’t mean that the images are fixed however, clever mathematical manipulation also means that Sky offers users the chance to project the positions of planets two months into the future and view animations of lunar positions.

Simply start the new version of Google Earth, click view and select ‘Switch to Sky’.

And you thought panning Norwegian fjords was a good time killer…

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