‘Google Cubes’: Google Enters Hardware?

The Web community is doing its gossip wildfire thing again.

It had to happen, the rumours at least. Is Google about to announce its first foray into hardware?


Well, for speculation (which is of the rampant variety across the Web right now) details have gotten pretty specific. A name has surfaced: the ‘Google Cube’ and rather than being the fully fledged PC to give Microsoft nightmares that had been muted, it is said to be a multimedia link box. Reports claim the device is designed as a bridge for getting audio and video data from PCs to TV and that negotiations are already well under way for its sale through the likes of ruthless US chain store Wal-Mart.

Now all this may well be true, but it still puzzles me why a company as phenomenally successful as Google want to move in this direction. This is no margin in hardware, the world has known this for years! Of course, the alternative is – huge fan base or not – Google believes it will must develop its own hardware and, ultimately, its own PC to get any potential Windows rivalling operating system off the ground.

For now I’ll stop adding these croutons of speculation to the unruly soup already exists. Besides, a certain little show that a certain Mr Har-Even is winging his way to right now will reveal all by the end of the week.

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