Google Chrome Super Sync Sports lets you control PC games with phone

Google has launched a new Chrome Experiment called Chrome Super Sync Sports, which allows you to control a suite of desktop games with your mobile device.

The simple track and field game asks you to rapidly tap and swipe your smartphone or tablet screen in order to make a little digital avatar run, cycle, and swim to victory.

Up to four people can compete simultaneously using their smart devices.

The experiment works using the Chrome browser on your smartphone and any modern browser on your computer. While Google obviously pushes the opportunity to download and use Chrome at several points, we had a perfectly good experience using Safari.

After navigating to the Super Sync Sports game on your desktop web browser and starting a game, you must simply navigate to on a mobile version of Chrome and input the five-digit code provided by the desktop game. Your phone will then be synced with your PC (Wi-Fi connection recommended) and the fun and games can start!

The games themselves are simple affairs with the bright, cartoony art style. Running requires you to perform a running motion on your phone’s screen, swimming a curved two-thumb stroke, and cycling a two-fingered circular motion.

Nuanced it isn’t, but it’s good simple fun all the same – especially when more than one player is involved.

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The real point here, of course, is to illustrate how our phones and PC devices can be linked up quickly, easily and reliably through nothing more than a web browser, thanks to the wonders of HTML5.

Have you tried Google Chrome Super Sync Sports yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.