Google Calendar Joins Gmail & Docs Offline

Microsoft Office under attack yet again.

Furthering its assault on Microsoft Outlook this week is Google Calendar…

Following the launch of Gmail offline last week the trusty Calendar app now offers the same mode. It isn’t yet as powerful as Gmail providing read-only functionality at this time but full editing capabilities are likely to be added in the near future.

As with Gmail offline, the system works using the company’s revolutionary Google Gears technology (also featured in Docs offline) to keep a constant local cache of your Calendar actions. This means should you be away from an Internet connection you’ll still be able to access your schedule information.

In all fairness this is something Google has been knocking around for ages now and offline settings tabs temporarily appeared for some users in both in late 2007 and midway through last year but disappeared just as quickly with no official comment. Interesting, this time Google has again kept quiet, but I suspect only because full functionality isn’t yet available.

The Microsoft battle continues…

via Keenpath

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