Google Builds Mobile OS, Not Mobile Phone

As one dream dies is a potentially more appealing one born?

Despite being the talk of the technology press since the turn of the year it would appear the Google phone is but a myth…

According to the generally-spot-on New York Times, Google has no intention of making an iPhone challenger and is instead keen to stick with what it knows: kicking Microsoft in the soft and delicates.

As a result NYT says Google will create a free to licence, open source alternative to Microsoft’s increasingly popular (yet still hugely deficient) Windows Mobile operating system. This would make far more sense given the company’s history and be the next logical step following the growing presence of its apps on everything from LG’s KS10 to Apple’s iPhone.

In fact, creating a mobile OS would be not so much a start from scratch operation but more tying existing parts together into a neat package.

Of course, this development may run contrary to the search maestros recent comments that it wants to bid on the 700MHz mobile wireless spectrum, but – given its penchant for throwing around WiFi – it may well be that the company plans a potentially free phone service based around in-call/online/on-handset advertising. Now that’s a thought…

NYT Article