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Google bringing buy option into YouTube ads

Google is adding a ‘Buy’ option to video ads on its YouTube service.

The new ad system is called TrueView, and it will be worming its way into YouTube videos now.

According to a Google Adwords blog post on the subject, TrueView will “connect the dots between the moment a person watches a video and the moment they decide to make a purchase.”

It will allow advertisers to showcase product details and images in YouTube ads, as well as offering the ability to click to purchase directly.

Does it really work? Google’s anecdotal evidence suggests that retailers are experiencing a dramatic boost in product consideration and revenue increase.

For advertisers, the behind-the-scenes tools that come with TrueView will allow them to connect their products with more appropriate individual videos, without having to manually select them.

TrueView features the first integration of Google Merchant Center, which serves to bring such ads and video content together based on context.

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It seems Google is really on a mission to come up with new ways to make us buy things directly through its service. Earlier in the week, a report emerged claiming that Google was looking to insert buy options into selected search results.

Apparently, the feature is about ready to roll out in a mobile-only beta form. Users who click on the buy buttons will be funnelled through Google-branded web order pages, though the actual goods will still be provided by third party sellers.