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Google Assistant will now let you remotely boss your family around

Google has announced new Assignable reminders. The feature will let you use Google Assistant to set reminders for those in your family group or with accounts linked to the same Google smart devices.

Assignable reminders will let you say things like: “Hey Google, remind Jeff to do the washing up at 6pm.” The reminder will crop up at the time stated on any of Jeff’s connected devices.

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Google Assistant assignable reminders

Along with setting reminders for specific times, commands like: “Hey Google, remind Jane to enjoy her birthday tomorrow,” and Google will send the reminder for the next day. You can set recurring reminders too, such as: “Hey Google, remind Rick to pay the mortgage on the first of every month.”

Assignable reminders are launching over the next few weeks in English – coming to the UK, US and Australia on phones, speakers and Smart Displays. The feature will work on Google Nest Hub Max when it is out in the Autumn.

Another impressive feature is the location-based capabilities. You can issue a command in the vein of: “Hey Google, remind Tom to buy milk from Tesco Liverpool Street,” and the reminder will appear to Tom when he is nearby.

With this impressive and adaptable functionality, your nagging could pile up – Google can help with that too. Simply say: “Hey Google, what are my reminders for Ken?” to check up on any orders you’ve issued.

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Google Assistant assignable reminders

If it all gets too much though, it is possible to block people from sending you reminders. You just need to visit the Assignable reminders section in Assistant Settings.

This isn’t the only handy feature Google Assistant has recently added. Google Assistant is now letting third-party messaging tools integrate with its smart assistant. You can now say something like: “Hey Google, read my messages,” and can read your messages from non-Google messaging apps.