Google Adds In-Video Advertising To YouTube

15 second promotions in the middle of clips - whether you like it or not.

Are YouTube and its parent company Google about to become rather unpopular…?

News is breaking today that 10 months after the search mogul paid a whopping $1.65bn for the world’s premier video sharing website that it is about to turn it into a money making cash cow.

From early next year it has been confirmed that all YouTube clips will feature targeted advertising inside them of 10 to 15 seconds long. The adverts themselves will be chosen using the keywords attached to the videos themselves and run in translucent form in the bottom fifth of the screen.

YouTube didn’t elaborate on how it would handle advertising for clips of 15 seconds or less.

Interestingly/frustratingly Google currently has no plans to introduce a subscription option for heavy YouTube users either which would let them bypass the new advertising.

How YouTube’s 72m+ users react to this disappointing (if perhaps realistic) news when combined with the impending auto-blocking of copyright content will be in itself worth watching. So do you think YouTube rivals will attempt to a) exploit the revised service by promoting ad-free content or b) simply be encouraged to follow its lead?

I’d suggest: a) quickly followed by b)…


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