Good Lord! Wisdom Tree’s Christian NES games enjoy a second coming

The gaming world may be abuzz with the pending release of an officially licensed plug-and-play NES, but one firm is hoping to steal its thunder with some help from the big man upstairs.

Yes, Wisdom Tree – the company that’s been making unlicensed video games, based on bible stories, since the original NES and SNES were on sale – is back.

The company has taken to Kickstarter (via Gizmodo) in the hopes of selling spiritual gamers the NES-on-a-chip Arkade console, featuring all seven of its “classic” titles on a single multicart.

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Before you say “What classics?”, you must have heard of Bible Adventures and Spiritual Adventures? How about Sunday Funday and the Zelda-inspired Spiritual Warfare?

What do you mean “no”? How about Bible Buffet and King of Kings?

Anyway, the Kickstarter is asking for $16,500 to produce the consoles, which come with a controller, at $30 a pop. If the company hits a $75 stretch goal, it will port Super Noah’s Ark 3D to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

Peace be with you, Kickstarters.

Whether Nintendo will be willing to let this slide remains to be seen. The company has taken a pretty dim view on potential IP infractions in recent times. Earlier this month, it put the mockers on an NES artwork book project.