GoldenEye N64 made with Unreal Engine 4 is amazing

At this point, GoldenEye 007 occupies a space above legendary in the annals of gaming history.

Now, YouTuber and developer Masters student Jude Wilson has shown his appreciation for the mighty N64 game by recreating one of its levels using Unreal Engine 4.

Classic multi-player map “Facility” has been re-rendered in impressive detail, and with a high level of accuracy.


used 3DS Max, Unreal Engine 4, Marmoset Toolbag 2, Photoshop, nDo2 and

Substance Designer to create the reinvented environment.


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says in the video description: “I have combined the N64’s original

layout with the films look and feel using Unreal Engine 4.

“I’ve tried to get it as realistic as possible, using the films

interiors, props and lighting, while remaining true to the original game

at the same time.

“All the artwork and everything you see has been made by myself and all from scratch.”

Very impressive. Now just make the rest of the game and we’ll be happy.


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