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GoBQ Grill is a roll-up barbecue that fits in a backpack

Spring is here. Naturally, as soon as the weather starts improving, our thoughts turn to barbecuing. This is one of the most portable grills we’ve ever seen.

It’s called the GoBQ Grill, and it’s light and portable enough to be taken anywhere. It’s a full working grill, but rolls up small enough to be slung over the shoulder or stuffed in a backpack. Ingenious.

The grill folds down to fit into a case. Unfasten the case, take it out and it unfolds and sets up in under 20 seconds with no tools required. Pour the charcoal onto the mesh, put the grill on top and you’re ready to start cooking.

The case then doubles as a hood for the grill, so you can make it even hotter, protect it from the wind and seal in flavours.

It’s made of a composite fibreglass material coated with silicone, and is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). It’s heat-, fire- and flame-resistant, so will withstand all the cooking you can throw at it. The fabric also cools down twice as quickly as metal, so you can pack it away soon after the flames have died out.

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As anyone who’s lugged a so-called portable barbecue into a field will tell you, they’re heavy and cumbersome. This looks like an absolute winner.

It’s fast approaching its $30,000 funding goal and should ship in August. It costs $120 (£81) which is pretty reasonable.