GoBone is a driveable smart bone that keeps your dog fit

You’re at work all day, then you’ve got to walk the dog when you get home. Well now there’s a way to help your dog stay fit and healthy even when you’re not there.

It’s called GoBone. It’s a rubber bone that moves, keeping your dog chasing it around the house.

Not only will this give it some much-needed exercise, it’ll also keep it entertained, so it won’t whine the house down missing you.

It’s not a replacement for a walk. But it will mean you can get away with a slightly shorter walk than normal.

Put food or a treat inside the GoBone, tap it, and it’ll start driving around the floor. It can run for up to eight hours, which is basically a full working day. By the end of which, your dog should be as knackered as you are.

You can also control it using the app, and it has a range of games built in. So while you’re at work, you can initiate a game of hide and seek. Plus the app has a video feature, so you can record your pooch while he plays.

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You can swap in new parts as it gets chewed up, with no need to buy a new one.

It’s passed its $60,000 funding goal and still has 21 days to go. Pledge $149 (£104) and it can be yours on an early bird. It should ship in December.