Gmail Storage To More Than Double

Will pass 6GB with no upper limit in sight.

Despite previously being the email storage king Google’s (linguistically lawsuit-tastic) Gmail/Google Mail service has begun to fall behind rival offerings including Yahoo and (remarkably) even Microsoft’s Hotmail. Something had to be done.

Today that something arrives with the search guru announcing its system of slow incremental increases will get a major speed bump. An initial lump addition will take all accounts to 4321MB on 23 October and by 4 January everyone will have in excess of 6283MB. After this accounts will enlarge by 3.3MB per day, 10x the current rate of growth. Currently Gmail accounts stand at approximately 3.3GB.

On top of this Google Apps mail accounts will have their 2GB storage cap lifted to be aligned with standard Gmail accounts and Google Apps Premier Edition will have a monstrous 25GB compared to its prior total of 10GB. Paid subscribers to Gmail aren’t forgotten either and those who pay $20, $75, $250 and $500 per year will now get 10GB, 40GB, 150GB and 400GB of storage respectively.

“In April 2005, we started increasing Gmail storage as part of our “Infinity+1″ storage plan. At that time, we realized we’d never reach infinity, but we promised to keep giving Gmail users more space as we were able,” said the Gmail Blog. “Meanwhile, Yahoo and Microsoft also increased the storage (Yahoo even claims to offer ‘infinite’ storage) and Gmail became the top webmail service with the least amount of free storage.”

Honesty is to be applauded, but action more so.