Gmail Reveals Preview Pane

With more and more people consuming their emails on tablets,

it was only a matter of time before some of that experience was transferred

back to the desktop experience.

Preview Pane is now available in Labs (or should we call it the soon-to-be-defunct Labs) and aims to give users the

same experience as those using Gmail on tablets, where you see a preview of

your email right next to your emails. While Preview Pane is available to

everyone, Google says that it will work better on higher resolution


Gmail Preview Pane

Once you’ve enabled the feature in Labs, you will see a pane

on the right-hand side of your email list, which gives you an overview of the message. A

toggle button in the top right-hand corner allows you to revert to the normal

view very easily. It also gives you the option to split the panels vertically should you

have more vertical space.

By default there is a three second delay in marking a

conversation as read after previewing it but this can be changed in general

settings if this time delay doesn’t suit you.

Gmail Preview Pane

We’ve been trying out the new layout for a while now this

morning and we have to say that the tablet experience doesn’t translate

properly to a desktop environment. The layout seems cluttered and confused, but,

with a few tweaks, it could work we feel. Let us know in the comments what you

think of Preview Pane.

Source: Gmail Blog