Gmail Integrates Auto Translation Into Emails

Struggling with your French pen pal...?

Relentless, just relentless…

Following a tidal wave of new features in the first five months of 2009, Google has once again added an extra level of spit and polish to its popular Gmail service.

Following *deep breath* Offline Mode, native PDF support, integrated Google search and Flickr, YouTube and Picassa Previews – to name just a few (see associated article for more) – now we have automatic language translation.

Technically called ‘Statistical machine translation’ it can be found under ‘Message Translation’ and enabled now in Labs under settings. Once on when an email is received in another language other than your own (Gmail checks this from your default language setting) it will offer to “Translate message to: language x’ or ‘Change language’ to anything you desire. Very handy for all those promotions emails you still get following drunken holiday antics.

“If all parties are using Gmail, you can have entire conversations in multiple languages with each participant reading the messages in whatever language is most comfortable for them,” adding Google on its official Gmail blog.

In essence then we have Google Translate right inside Gmail with the benefit of smart data detectors. What’s not to like…?

Gmail Official Blog Post