Gmail To Launch Gmail For iPhone [Report]

According to a report, Google is on the verge of launching a native iPhone app and

have already submitted it to the App Store for approval.

MG Siegler, a columnist for TechCrunch, has quoted “multiple

sources” on his blog, saying the app could be approved very soon and making an appearance

on an iDevice near you.

Of course Gmail is already supported on the iPhone as a web

app and for the most part it does a pretty good job. However a standalone

native app would allow users much more control adding in such features as push

notifications and advanced search.

Other additional functions, currently available on the Android

app, would likely include Priority Inbox, one-click starring of emails and even

possible integration of Google+.

Gmail iPhone App

Google has so far remained tight-lipped about the possibility

of the app existing and as for getting information out of Apple, we may as

well be talking to our cat….and we don’t even have a cat.

When the iPhone launched in 2007, no third party apps were allowed in

the App Store but when they did arrive a year later, there was still no Gmail

app. Whether it was Apple’s reluctance to allow a competitor to its own Mail

app onto the platform or Google simply focusing on mobile web, we may never


MG Siegler expects the app “should be out soon” so have your

iPhones and iPads at the ready if you really want the extra features that this

app may offer.

Source: parislemon

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