Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for her

Ah Christmas, the time for giving to loved… or more realistically the time to flat out panic that you have no idea what to get said loved ones.

In which case look no further as we’ve run down all the best in the year’s gadgetry and technology, catering for all budgets, that she would love to receive on the big day.

Gifts under £20 for her

Gomite Tiltpod

Gomite Tiltpod £15

This gadget is simply brilliant. The Gomite Tiltpod is, as the name suggests, a tripod for your phone, without the tri. Instead it has a little rubber foot to grip the surface and then top section holds your phone and pivots. Not only can it be used for taking photos, it can be positioned for watching videos or making video chats as well. The most genius thing of all, is that it’s tiny – it’s a keyring so it’s easy to take it about everywhere. So it won’t just be a seemingly great idea that never gets used as it’s impractical, but it can easily come along everywhere your phone does.

Gifts under £20 for her: Into the Breach

Into the Breach £11.39

It’s Christmas, so obviously that means games, particularly puzzle games. Yes, the concept of into the breach is fairly wargame like, you have to take islands and stop these invading bugs from destroying humanity, but because it’s a turn-based strategy game it’s a cleverly constructed game of wits to make sure the bugs don’t destroy humanity rather than a shooter.

Gifts under £50 for her

Gifts under £50 for her: Amazon fire stick

Amazon Fire Stick £40

Everyone knows the best TV is on at Christmas, right? Well no, not anymore it’s all online but don’t worry this is the way to ensure she’ll never miss an episode of her (or your) favourite show again. The delight of good Christmas TV all year round. The Amazon Fire Stick second generation has all your national TV catch up services as well as capabilities to stream Netflix, Amazon Video, Prime Music and Spotify. It’s even got Alexa thrown in as well so it can all be done by voice command, rather than the positively archaic click of a button.

SoundMagic E11C £49.95

Headphones that you actually have to plug into a phone might seem like ancient technology but the SoundMagic E11Cs are incredible value and brilliantly made. They are way better than they should be for this price. The C version of these headphones have a built in remote to let you control your music without getting your phone out. It works on Android and iPhones. If you don’t need that, you can get the standard version and save a tenner.

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD £37.99

The smallest, and cheapest, USB-C PD-compatible battery pack we tested. It was also one of the lightest. 20,0000mAh power gives it enough juice to recharge the latest iPhone five or six times, so you won’t run out of power any time soon. As well as a USB-C port there is an USB-A 3w output. It comes with a carry case and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Gifts under £100 for her

Gifts under £100 for her: GHD air

GHD Air £99

Its right at the top end of hair drying what more can we say. OK, we will, the GHD Air delivers powerful and fast drying with ionic technology for controlling frizz. The price may seem a little on the steep side for a hair dryer but it is easily comparable in terms of quality to the £300 Dyson Supersonic and available at a third of the price.
Though be warned its excellence as a frizz controller may lead to some unintended consequences as to why you feel she may want it.

Gifts under £100 for her: Anker SoundCore Flare

Anker Soundcore Flare £69.99

Why not add some festive LED lights to your portable speaker, so you can take the party with you in full style? Well, the Anker Soundcore Flare enables you to do exactly that and gives you a built-in light show to go with wireless speaker. It’s ideal for glamping up a camping trip, or any small or long trip away, as the light bar can react to music or just go through some colour tones depending on your mood.
For the price and the extras the sound quality is also good, easily comparable to those in the £100 to £150 price bracket.

Gifts under £200 for her

Gifts under £200 for her: Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom Bamboo Spark £120

We break the £100 barrier with an intriguing attempt by Japanese tablet maker Wacom to keep handwriting and note making relevant in the digital idea. Yes, it’s very much a concept product so if she has no interest in reviving handwriting and drawings then maybe move on but if she feels this is a dying art than this may well be the tablet’s she’s waiting for. The Bamboo Spark makes digital copies of written notes through the provided smart pen, as well as providing all the other features you’d expect in a tablet.

Gifts under £200 for her: Dualit Juice Extractor

Dualit Juice Extractor £125

People love to juice things, that’s just where we are now. People especially love to juice things as some kind of New Year’s resolution healthier lifestyle kick. Also, we all want our fruit juiced quickly. Luckily the Dualit Juice Extractor hits all three of these, it’s a fast juicer with a 2.2-litre pulp container and 1.6-litre juice jug with froth filter and lid so when she’s back to work after the festivities at least she can get a quick juice before bracing the cold. It packs an impressive motor for the price tag to keep you juicing all through the year.

Gifts under £200 for her: Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 £130

Not that we’re pushing a health kick but as much as everyone is into juice at the moment, they’re equally into measuring and counting all health activities they may do. So if you think she might be keen to have her heart rate checked, steps counted, sleep timed, and exercise goals set and evaluated then this is the device. The new, improved Fitbit Charge 3 adds waterproof, so you can now track swims and it has started to blend more towards a smartwatch with far more interaction with your phone showing up notifications and allowing you to take calls through it.

Expensive gifts for her

Expensive gifts for her: GoPro Hero 7

Go Pro Hero 7 £380

What’s the point of counting all those steps if you can’t even film all the action you’re going to be undertaking? The Go Pro Hero 7 is the benchmark for action cameras, it has it all great image stabilisation, improved audio, waterproof and packed with features. So if she into mountain biking, trail running, all and any water and extreme sports then this is the one to get to ensure it’s all captured. Failing that you could always go down to a park, hope an animal picks it up and you’ll both be viral sensations.

Expensive gifts for her: Panasonic Lumix LX100 II

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II £849

Perhaps though she prefers her shots and cameras a bit more crisp, refined and edging on the art side rather than the action side. In which case the Panasonic Lumix LX100 II is the one to take to the streets in an equally portable fashion. It’s a terrific compact camera with its mix of a Four Thirds sensor, 3x optical zoom and serious portability adding up to cracking street photography.

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