Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for her

Christmas isn’t far off, but have you found the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life? If the answer is no, you’re only human and you’ve had important Christmas parties to attend and, ooh look a squirrel. Don’t worry, we can still help. Take a look at the gift ideas below and get your act together for the big day.

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Stocking fillers up to £20

Allsop Cool Platform

They might be called laptops, but most of them aren’t comfortably used on laps, are they? Cushiontops doesn’t have the same ring to it. For a more stable platform than either thighs or a cushion, this is a perfect upgrade – and it’ll also help keep the lap and laptop cooler.

Buy now for £7.99

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Ever experienced the guilt of spotting a plant that’s been left to a slow death, its leaves slowly turning brown? Well, you can save your loved ones from the same guilt. These adorable Peropon Drinking Animal Planters need almost no attention, instead producing oxygen and providing a sweet fragrance. And all it takes is a sip from their tongues to provide nourishment for the plants on their back. Coming in four charming versions – cat, dog, frog and the particularly cute panda – these planters will be sure to brighten up any kitchen.

Buy now for £10.99

Pooch Selfie

Dogs are idiots. No matter how many times you say “cheese” they’ll lick your ear clean before you’ll get them to sit still long enough for a selfie, let alone look at the camera. As we’ve already established, though, dogs are idiots, so stick this Pooch Selfie ball attachment to the top of the phone and they’ll sit and stare at it while you snap away. Just make sure they don’t lunge for it and end up chewing your phone to bits. As good as the pics might be, that’s an expensive photo shoot.

Buy now for £8.99

Unicorn Charger

Keeping your phone charged can feel like swimming against the tide. You’ve had a busy day and when you see that battery life hit red, it’s time to face the wave of despair. Keep your charging smartphone afloat with the Unicorn Charger, a portable 2600mAh battery that – and this is the crucial part – comes in the shape of a unicorn. What, the name gave it away? Anyhoo, now when the recipient of this amazing gift has a drained battery, there will be no floating back down Misery River, but instead the joyful appearance of a unicorn with a metaphorical rubber dinghy and a pair of oars.

Buy now for £12.99


At first glance this may look a little bit silly, but the Tweexy could prove to be one of our more practical gift ideas. This snug little gadget fits around fingers of all sizes, and holds a bottle of nail polish firmly in place as you paint your nails. The creators spent two years measuring and buying bottles to find the perfect size, so it should fit nearly every brand squeezed into it. Want to experience the freedom of painting your nails anywhere – on your bed, in the car, in outer space? Then look no further than the Tweexy.

Buy now for £7.99


Gifts for her £20-£100

Lego Ideas: Women of NASA

There’s plenty of terrible stuff going on in the world right now, but the recognition of women who’ve helped shape (and are shaping) our world is something great. Lego’s latest Ideas set is an excellent example of that, celebrating just some of the incredible ladies – Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison – responsible for crushing it at NASA over the years.

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Inspirational, as well as providing three fun little builds that’ll be great time-killers between Christmas dinner courses.

Buy now for £31.40

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot 2

Not already jumped on the Alexa bandwagon? Having a personal digital assistant in your life can be all kinds of useful, from asking her to set a reminder for you to requesting she play your favourite radio station or tell you what the weather’s going to be like. The little Echo Dot 2 has a built-in speaker and microphones, and connects to your Wi-Fi, enabling Alexa to do all those things and more. If you have the right smart-home products, you could even get her to turn your Christmas lights off at bedtime.

Buy now for £34.99

Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance

What better way to spend that lazy time after Christmas lunch than playing an addictive toy-stacking game? You’re the creator of a new world, bringing beings to life within the accompanying mobile app by stacking them on the game’s plinth. As the game goes on, the beasts evolve, and the world inside the app gets more complex and intriguing. The colourful beasts are beautifully designed and made, with a well-designed app and enough compelling game elements to keep the whole family hooked. There’s even an expansion pack arriving in the new year that’ll enable turn-based battles via a card system, which should add a whole new dimension to this beautiful game.

Buy now for £69.00

Sons of Anarchy Complete Box Set

“We gotta get out of guns.” Seven whole seasons of biker boys and gals facing highs and lows while burning rubber and smashing that classic leather-and-denim combo – what’s more festive than that? Someone you love will forever be thankful that you sent them Jax Teller and the rest of SAMCRO misfits.

Buy now on DVD for £21.99

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The signs are clear: the apocalypse is incoming. Merry Christmas. But when the world’s turned to a stone-age wasteland, we’ll all rue the day we decided to rely on cloud-based photo albums and stop printing our photos out. Prepare loved ones for the reckoning by getting them a cute, simple-to-use photo printer for Chrimbo. How else are they going to pin pics of your face on the walls of the cave?

Buy now for £99.99

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen

3Doodler was the world’s first 3D pen and is still the best-selling. Creating 3D art has never been easier, with the 3Doodler’s elegant design, intuitive handling and enhanced drive operation that allows for boundless creativity. The 3Doodler exerts a heated plastic which hardens instantly on your chosen canvas, and offers you a number of colours to play around with. Home-made Christmas decorations next year, eh?

Buy now for £89.99

Money-no-object gifts

Flyte Manhattan Levitating Light

Witchcraft, I tell thee! How the hell else can you explain a lightbulb floating in mid-air? And it’s still lit. Of course there’s a chance that, in certain parts of the world, the recipient of this magical lamp could still be burned at the stake, so buy with caution and throw holy water over your left shoulder three times before the clock strikes midnight.

Buy now for €299.00

DropMix Music Gaming System

The DropMix Music Gaming System is a fantastic new option for festive house-partyers who are bored of Christmas CDs and karaoke. This game includes a Drop Mix Board, 60 Drop Mix cards and instructions. You can use the cards to collect, discover and create inventive song mixes. Ever wanted to see if you can tunefully mix some Ed Sheeran with Sia? OK, probably not, but it’s surprisingly fun when you do. With up to four players and three different game modes – Freestyle, Clash and Party – DropMix will provide unexpected joy and maybe some accidental works of genius!

Buy now for £119.99

Ted Baker Rosine Gem Gardens Suitcase

Combining chic design with practicality, this medium-sized suitcase is a must-have for those long weekends away. It’s adorned with a stylish, eye-catching flower print that will be the envy of fellow guests as it’s rolled into the hotel foyer. Made from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate, this case also boasts a state-of-the-art aluminium trolley system that makes it glide across the floor. Way too nice to be filled with the novelty socks you also (unwisely) chose to give her for Christmas.

Buy now for £265

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

In terms of value, there’s no better Kindle. This is the e-reader for the no-nonsense, no-flash sort of person who just wants to take all their books on the move or read in bed, without the need for frills – just literary thrills. The screen on the Paperwhite is fantastically sharp, the battery life is excellent, and the touch controls are responsive.

Buy now for £109.99

Smeg ECF01

Smeg ECF01

For most of us, Christmas day is just about the only time of the year where we don’t need a cup of coffee before we’re able to get on with the day. For the other 364, hello sweet Java. Instead of splashing a ton of money on a daily fix from somewhere that can’t even spell their name right, your loved one could be welcomed each morning by this incredibly beautiful coffee machine.

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The gorgeously curvaceous ’50s styling will make it a kitchen centrepiece, but the simplicity of its manual operation and ease with which it can be cleaned will make it indispensible. Oh, and it makes a great cuppa too.

Buy now from £279.00

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Bluetooth speakers are rarely the prettiest of things, but this Bose is one sexy slice of audio tech. The tapered-cylinder design is for more than just show, though, with music fired out in all directions, so there are no sonic dead spots in the room.

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Combine that with 16-hour battery life and water-resistance and you’ve got a take-anywhere party box. Oh, and the carry handle means you could even hang it from the Christmas tree, if you can find a branch strong enough.

Buy now for £269.95

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