Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for him

Are the right presents rockin’ around your Christmas tree? If you’re having trouble buying for the men/boys in your life, or struggling to pick something for yourself, we’ve slung together a few ideas. The prices start from ooh and head towards ouch, so there should be something for every budget.

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Stocking fillers up to £20

10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

It seems incredible to think that Doctor Who was basically in limbo for a decade and a half before the big 2005 revival. The reveal of a new Doc is now a massive global event, and the torrent of Doctor Who merch is flowing out more freely than ever. One of the most popular Time Lords of the recent generation has been the manic Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and this here is a bargainous replica of his sonic screwdriver that will make any cosplaying Who fan happy on December 25.

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Or if you’ve recently been promoted to CEO of a multinational corporation, how about splashing £350 for the Rubbertoe Replicas 4th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver? We’ll stick with the cheap option, thanks.

Buy now for £11.99

With Great Beard… T-shirt

Not so long ago, if you knew a man with a beard, there was a good chance he taught history in a secondary school and smelled of roll-ups. These days beard is king. We have enough facial hair between the Trusted Reviews team that we could use a week’s trimmings to recreate a full-size village of Ewoks. So even if you don’t know anyone who’d suit this T-shirt, we’ll take 10 of them in a size L, please.

Buy now from £5.25

Lego Star Wars: Luke’s Landspeeder 75173

If you’re old enough to have started your Star Wars viewing from Episode IV, among the most iconic scenes of your childhood is surely when ol’ Ben Kenobi comes to Luke’s rescue, showing those Tusken raiders that crazy old hermits aren’t to be trifled with.

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This Lego set may not offer the greatest value in the number of pieces or time to build, but if it’s nostalgic value you’re after, this is right up there. The minifigures included are Luke (obviously), old Obi-Wan, C-3P0, and a Tusken raider. There’s even a tiny womp rat thrown in, but sadly no tiny Christmas crackers.

Buy now for £16.50

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Trimming your nose hair is a mundane, interminably boring job. That’s why most men walk around with half a gorilla dangling from their snozz. Time to inject some fun so you actually wake up in the morning wanting to show those overgrown nose hairs who’s boss. Vital to men’s grooming in the space age, the Ray Gun Nose Trimmer blasts nose hairs apart like they’re particularly puny Romulans. Set phaser to stunning nasal passages.

Buy now for £13.99

Pantheralla Monogrammed Danvers socks

Made in England since 1937, Pantherella socks have earned a rightful reputation as some of the finest in the world – and the Danvers is its best-selling pair. We’re talking a premium-quality knit here, with yarns checked extensively for tension and stretch. But for Christmas, why not go for the special touch of adding the recipient’s monogram? Both the socks themselves and the monogram are available in a choice of colours, and they’re sure to last. These are most definitely not your average stocking-filler footwear.

Buy now for £20

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Gifts for him £20-£100

The James Bond Collection 1-24

If you’ve not already stocked your disc shelves with every 007 adventure thus far, now is the time to do it – or to do it for someone you love (and want to borrow all the Bond movies from). Zavvi has great discounts on both the DVD and Blu-ray box sets, so you can even look far more generous than you really are. Everyone’s a winner. Except for Blofeld – he’s a massive loser.

Buy now on DVD for £31.99

Buy now on Blu-ray for £45.99

UE Wonderboom

How are you supposed to rock out to Shakin’ Stevens in the shower if you don’t have a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker? This is the burning question of our age. For a sensational price, you can get the UE Wonderboom, a tiny soundgrenade that blasts well beyond its size, and can survive the splashing as you swing your legs in time to ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’.

Buy now for £69.00

Call of Duty WW2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This is the best CoD in years, and takes us back to the most Christmassy of times: World War II. Oh no, that was World War I, football game in the snow and all that. Never mind. Sod it, get FIFA or PES if you’re that bothered. Anyway, we’re talking incredible set-pieces (not of the football variety) with stunning visuals and tense, atmospheric gameplay. Call of Duty WW2‘s single-player campaign alone might keep you going till New Year’s.

Buy now from £44.99

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If, like me, you’ve just saved a ton on postage charges through Amazon’s Prime service, you’ll also have access to the company’s Prime Video service. The Fire TV Stick not only streams all of Amazon’s own on-demand content to your telly, but also streams Netflix and the full roster of UK catch-up services. So maybe your smart TV does all of that, but this clever little piece of electrickery also gives you access to Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, without the need for an Amazon Echo device. Alexa, play ‘All I Want For Christmas.’

Buy now for £39.99

SoundMagic E50

The SoundMagic E50 earphones are a great, affordable upgrade to the ones that come bundled with phones. They also offer a higher-end vibe than most other pairs at the price. Their siblings, the SoundMagic E10, have been one of the most popular pairs of the past five years, but these are altogether more serious, more accurate. And they look pretty good, too. Plug them into your lugholes and drown out the complaints about Brussel sprouts and elderly relatives repeatedly asking when the Queen’s speech is on.

Buy now for £44.99

OppoSuits Star Wars suit

I’m not sure I really need to say much about these. If you can’t see why you’d need to wear one of these at Christmas, you don’t deserve one. I’d go all-out with the Festive Force pattern, personally, but I could that Darth Vader suit being a hit at the odd black-tie do.

Buy now for £74.95


Money-no-object gifts

Lenovo Mirage: Jedi Challenges

Imagine Kylo Ren actually seeming to be projected in your living room. You have a lightsaber in your hand, and the blade is also projected as you swing the hilt towards his ridiculous teenage-tantrumming head. Welcome to Jedi Challenges.

The kit includes the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a Bluetooth-connected lightsaber hilt, and a positioning beacon. Download the app onto your phone, insert it into the headset and you can start your augmented-reality training against droids, Stormtroopers, and Sith lords.

But this isn’t just about lightsaber battles. The game is split into three parts, with the other two being the Holochess played by R2-D2 and Chewie, and a real-time strategy game where you command your troops in battles against AT-ATs, hover tanks and all sorts.
Best Christmas present ever.

Buy now for £199.95

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Most people who’ve ever considered buying a Kindle e-reader have probably already bought one of some kind by now. But never before had a Kindle been waterproof until this new Oasis model rocked up by the pool and put its towel down. Water-resistance isn’t its only reason to sit smugly on the lounger, though, as it also has a larger-than-average screen and support for Audible audiobooks. This Christmas could be the time for an e-reading upgrade, eh?

Buy now for £259.99

Xbox One X

Last Christmas belonged to Nintendo and the quirky little Switch. This year is all about the most powerful games console on the market, the Xbox One X. Got yourself a shiny 4K HDR telly and looking to get something shiny to watch on it? The One X pumps out gaming visuals in Ultra HD resolution, and supports HDR for certain titles. There’s even a 4K Blu-ray player built in.

If you’re still rocking an original Xbox One, the X is cooler, quieter, faster… Better in every way, basically.

Buy now for £449.95

Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

Anki Overdrive is often described as next-generation slot-racing, but that’s doing it a disservice. There are no slots, for a start – the app-controlled vehicles have infrared sensors so they know exactly where they are on the track at all times, and can change lanes just with the tilt of your phone or tablet. Throw in a ton of virtual weapons and power-ups, which form the basis for a Mad Max-style battle mode, as well as a campaign and single-player play against robotic AI opponents, and you’ve got something that’s more like an evolution of classic videogame Badlands rather than Scalextric 2.0.

This Fast & Furious Edition brings with it two new cars from the movie franchise, as well as a special Power Zone track piece and a movie-themed app. Perfect Christmas downtime fodder.

Buy now for £127.48

Marloe Haskell

Has he been very, very good this year? Marloe is a fledgling British watch company that’s already making a big impression with its refined, timeless (ahem) designs and dedication to manual-wind. The Haskell is its first Swiss-made model, with a gorgeous ETA movement set into a 40mm case. But it’s Marloe’s dials that really draw the eye, and the subtly textured surface of this one is just beautiful, complemented by a luxurious chapter ring and hands with just a smidge of lume.

If this one’s a little too rich, Marloe has models starting from £249. Whichever you choose, it’s going to bring a whole heap of class to Christmas.

Buy now for £995.00

Ted Baker CHEETZ holdall

The CHEETZ is a holdall that achieves the seemingly impossibly – it goes equally well with sportswear or a suit. The two-tone design is stylish and fashionable while still managing to maintain Ted Baker’s trademark understatement. The bag is built with practicality in mind, with top handles as well as a shoulder strap, plus internal and external zipped pockets – plenty of space for wallet, charging cables and all that jazz. Way swish.

Buy now for £129

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