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Ghost of Tsushima: All the latest news on the upcoming PS4 exclusive

Ghost of Tsushima is an exciting PS4-exclusive RPG coming this summer. The game’s story takes place on the titular island of Tsushima, as Japanese customs on the island are challenged by the invasion of the Mongols. Here’s everything we know about the game so far.

Developed by Sucker Punch, the minds behind Sly Cooper and Infamous, the game represents a change in direction for its developers. The studio is now delving into the lands of Feudal Japan and role-playing games, away from its roots in platforming adventures.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Ghosts of Tsushima including all the latest news, release date, trailers and our very own gameplay preview ahead of the Summer 2020 launch.

What is Ghosts of Tsushima?

Set in the province of Tsushima, Japan. You play as a samurai, exploring a vast open-world and engaging in a variety of different missions. From an extended look at Ghost of Tsushima in a recent State of Play presentation – it players will be able to tackle each situation in a variety of ways. Combat, stealth and traversal are all key elements in emerging victorious across its expansive setting.

Ghost of Tsushima Trailer – How does it look?

This snazzy cinematic trailer accompanied the original release announcement from Sucker Punch. Check it out for yourself below or scroll down for the latest gameplay trailer.

More recently, the developers hit us with an all-new gameplay trailer, showing off the game’s various combat, stealth and exploration features. We loved the game’s minimalist styling – note the complete absence of a HUD – and the visuals. Take a look below.

When is the Ghosts of Tsushima release date?

Ghosts of Tsushima will launch exclusively for PS4 on July 17, 2020. The game was originally slated for a June release but suffered a delay due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Preview

The Ghost of Tsushima trailer shown during Sony’s E3 2018 press conference came immediately after The Last of Us Part 2, a tough act to follow for anyone. It also left many viewers with more questions than answers despite its utterly stunning showcase

Seeing the team behind InFamous’ vision of feudal Japan, which is a stunning huge open world and how Jin, our lead character, fits within it, was a nice first-look. But it wasn’t until a behind closed doors session with Sucker Punch co-founder, Chris Zimmerman, that I got any idea how the game will play, and an opening glimpse at the incredibly exciting story that lies in wait.

The game’s vision of feudal Japan is not hamstrung by history.  Zimmerman notes during the presentation that the team is not allowing themselves to be slaves to history – the devs are taking artistic license when it comes to historical accuracy. How this will shape up in the finished appearance remains unclear. 

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ghosts of tsushima

Therefore, the story that unfolds becomes inherently more interesting. You play as Jin, a man raised in the art of Samurai who must defend his island from a Mongolian invasion. However, all of Jin’s masters have been slain during the conflict, thanks to the Mongolians not conforming to the rules of Samurai, leading Jin to question everything he has been taught.

This answered a big question that I had about the game. Being an open-world experience in which we played a samurai, I feared for the progression system. Sucker Punch has always delivered excellent leveling mechanics and a well-paced unlocking of new abilities, but I couldn’t envision how a samurai could unlock a new outfit or special powers. Zimemrman answers this through the story: Jin must adapt and make the decision to abandon his teachings in order to beat the Mongolians, and in that lies how the game will allow new weapons and techniques to be unlocked.

He does point out, however, that players can choose to play through the experience as a samurai, but during the post-demo Q&A notes this will not be a Dark Souls-style experience where players can end the game how they started without any form of leveling up.

We then come to the first fight in the trailer, this time being played in real time. Jin’s ‘Jutsu’, the samurai art of a strike delivered as the sword is drawn, is a skill that is earned in the game, and is shown once again. Zimmerman notes that skills such as these have the potential to intimidate other enemies in the encounter, and the two other Mongolians noticeably step back in fear as the strike lands. Zimmerman also says that every single droplet of blood that spatters after the strike is tracked in real time.

Each fight will reportedly be a stiff challenge as Sucker Punch wants every encounter to feel worthwhile and meaningful. Your success in fights comes down to timing blocks, countering and strikes. Watching the sword fight happen in real time, the game looked thrilling.

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ghosts of tsushima

I did have concerns about the camera, though. Watching the developer controlling the demo it looks like the camera is manually controlled by the player, and attacks are done using the face buttons, which could prove fiddly during heated exchanges – though Zimmerman promised the camera controls won’t unfairly punish the player. Time will tell whether or not this will be the case.

When Jin approaches the house to rescue the monk, Zimmerman confirms that players can approach this mission in multiple ways. If you like, you could enter via the front door and challenge all the Mongolians inside to a fight, or you could opt for a stealthy approach and enter quietly through the roof.

But the most interesting thing about this demo is the almost Darwinian approach to the story. Jin’s need to abandon his teachings in order to not only save himself but also his land will be fascinating to see unfold, both from a narrative and gameplay perspective. Seeing how it plays into the game’s RPG-esque mechanics of unlocking new weapons and abilities will be very interesting in this historical setting, particularly from a studio that’s best known for creating gorgeous worlds that focus on a supernatural lead.

It gives Ghost of Tsushima so much more potential than I thought it had, and certainly, this presentation sold it in a far better light than its E3 trailer did, because of how much more room to breath it’s been given.

Following the May 2020 gameplay trailer, we’ve been shown even more of Ghost of Tsushima. The game gives the player interesting choices, between the honourable samurai route and the dishonourable, stealthy route of the ‘ghost’.

We love the game’s minimal HUD and the aesthetic choices Sucker Punch has made in putting the game together. The latest revelation that the game can be run in a grainy cinematic black and white mode, to pay homage to old school samurai films, is a nice touch too.

Ghost of Tsushima First Impressions

With Ghost of Tsushima immediately following that frankly astounding Last of Us Part 2 trailer during Sony’s conference, I was initially underwhelmed. Getting a second stab at it, and having the team at Sucker Punch guide me through the concept at a much greater level of detail, I’m now far more interested in what this game could become.

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