Get Windows Phone 7 On Your iPhone

While Android and iOS continue to dominate the smartphone

market, the Windows Phone 7 team is dreaming up ways to woo people over to its way of

doing things.

Microsoft has now come up with a clever way of giving those people

who have not tried WP7  a chance to try it out.

Microsoft has created a HTML5-based demo of the Windows

Phone operating system which works in both the iOS version of the Safari browser and

the standard Android browser.

While this little demo will give iPhone and Android users

only a brief glimpse of what using the Metro UI of WP7 is like, it may be just

enough to convince some jaded users that they need a change.

We tried out the demo this morning on an iPhone, and the demo works pretty

well and a helpful blue dot guides you through the interface bringing you

through to various hubs such as People, Calendar and Pictures, giving you an

idea of how each works.

To give it a go for yourself, just point your Adnroid or iOS browser to

It’s a neat idea from Microsoft but is it enough to convince

users to switch to the Windows Phone platform? Let us know what you think in

the comments.

Source: Windows Phone Thoughts

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