Get Crackdown 3 for just £10 with this phenomenal deal from GAME

Looking to dive into the city of New Providence over the weekend? GAME has the best deal yet, bundling Crackdown 3 with an Xbox One controller for just £59.99.

GAME currently has several Xbox One controllers listed at £49.99 – fairly standard stuff – but for just an extra tenner you can bag yourself a brand new copy of Crackdown 3. Even if you’re not after the game per se, you could always resell it for far more than £10, effectively getting you an Xbox One controller for less.

It might have taken an age to get here, but Crackdown 3 is finally out. While it won’t be winning any game of the year awards, Crackdown’s mindless fun makes it a great shout if you just want to disappear from the world, take on swarms of baddies and blow stuff up in the process.

Anyone who’s played the first two Crackdown games will know exactly what to expect here. You’ll be working for the Agency, an organisation designed to keep world peace by employing superheroes. Bear with me on this one.

Taking control of one these superheroes – also known as ‘Agents’ – you’ll use everything in your power, including a whole host of insane weapons, to take down a mysterious new force that somehow seized control of the world’s power grid.

In gameplay terms, Crackdown 3 mashes the superhero antics of Infamous with the absurdity of Saint’s Row. Barely a moment goes by where you’re not leaping from rooftop to rooftop in an attempt to avoid a hail of bullets.

If that’s not enough to convince you that Crackdown 3 is worth a punt (particularly at this price), then just remember that it features the voice work of none other than Terry Crews. That’s right, Sergeant Terry Jeffords himself is here to help.

Remember, at such a ridiculously low price, this deal won’t be around for long. Plus, it’s rare enough for Xbox controllers to ever drop in price, making the offer even more tempting.

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