Get Battlefield 1 on PS4 or Xbox for less than £20

If you’ve yet to pick up the 2016 video game smash hit that was Battlefield 1, this deal is your best chance yet.

Online retailer Base is selling Battlefield 1 for both PS4 and Xbox One at a bargain price of £19.95.

That’s not bad, considering most online retailers are flogging it for somewhere between £24 and £35. In fact, some mainstream vendors like Argos are still selling Battlefield 1 for more than £40.

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by EA Dice and released in 2016. It takes place in a World War 1 setting and follows a mini-series of campaign stories that were inspired by historic events. There’s also a multiplayer mode that was well-received critically.

battlefield 1

Our Games Editor Brett Phipps was very impressed with Battlefield 1, scoring the game 4.5/5. He noted the incredible campaign, the well-crafted multiplayer, and the game’s gorgeous aesthetics as particular highlights.

Here’s Brett’s verdict:

“DICE has put together a superlative campaign experience. The decision to create a mini-series following multiple soldiers is brilliant, and something that other games should follow in the future, as there wasn’t a single moment of filler.”

battlefield 1

He went on:

“It’s just a shame that the word “mini” is so apt, with the whole campaign over all too soon. It’s testament to how good it is, though, that I simply want more of it – more stories, more acts of heroism, more incredible, heart-wrenching moments.”

“Long load screens, overbearing hints and other minor quibbles aside, this is undoubtedly the best campaign DICE has ever produced, and the best single-player war experience we’ve seen in almost a decade.”

“I really hope DICE spends much more time in World War 1, because it feels like there are many more stories waiting to be told.”

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