Get a Sony PS4 Slim with two free games for just £214

On the hunt for a brand new console? Here’s a great deal on a PS4 Slim that nets you a couple of games for free.

GameStop Ireland is selling the PS4 Slim (500GB) with a DualShock4 controller and two free games for just €249.99. That converts to around £214 if you’re buying the console in British Sterling.

That’s a cracking deal when you consider that the Sony PS4 Slim (500GB) generally retails at between £229 and £249.99 in the UK. Importantly, if your order costs above €150 (which this does), then you’ll get free delivery to the UK mainland.

Your choice of two free games includes Has Been Heroes (€24.99), Singstar: Ultimate Party (€19.99), Mighty No. 9 (€14.99), and Sword Art Online: Lost Song (€29.99).

Buy Now: PS4 Slim + two games at for £214

We gave the Sony PS4 Slim a 4/5 score in our review, praising the console’s incredible quietness, energy efficiency, attractive design, and how easy it is to expand the console’s storage.

Here’s our verdict from Games Editor Brett Phipps, but note that this was written before the launch of the more powerful (and more expensive) PS4 Pro:
“The new design won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and grew on me during my time with it. It’s smaller, whisper-quiet and sips electricity, making it the best PS4 currently on the market.”

Buy Now: PS4 Slim + two games at for £214

Brett continued:

“The one giant elephant in the room is the forthcoming PS4 Pro. With the launch of a new high-end machine capable of delivering 4K and HDR gaming, plus upscaled resolution and improved framerates for 1080p, it’s tough not to ask: is it worth grabbing a Slim now?”

“If you already have a PS4, probably not, as the Pro would make more sense as your next big investment. But for those without a 4K/HDR TV or a PS4, and who aren’t interested in the very ‘cutting edge’ of console performance, this is the console to buy.”

“If you’re debating whether to buy the Slim or the Xbox One S, the question really comes down to your intended use. If your main interest is 4K movies on your snazzy new TV, then the S is the way to go, but with the Slim still outshining Xbox as a games console, then Sony is the way to go for gamers.”

Buy Now: PS4 Slim + two games at for £214

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