GC: PSP Lite Launch Date Announced

Remember, remember the 5th of September.

As if yesterday didn’t saturate us with enough PSP information, today Sony has enlightened us with information pertaining to the European release of the redesigned slim version.

For around £115 (pricing is given in Euros so we’re converting) you’ll be able to source yourself a 20 per cent slimmer and 33 per cent lighter console which also offers such delights as a video out port, allowing you to play games and watch UMDs on your TV, should you so desire.

The date in question is the 5th of September and while most of us no doubt remember it as the day the Great Fire of London finally burned out, Sony probably hopes to ignite some enthusiasm and claw back some of the ground it has given away to Nintendo’s DS, which has to far outsold the PSP two to one.

If you find the choice of white, silver or black a tad dull, there will also be two special editions made available, yellow for the Simpsons and red and black for Spider-Man. Both versions come with a copy of the respective games while the Spider-Man version also includes a copy of the UMD.

While we would probably advise against trading up from a standard PSP if you have one, any buyers who have waited this long to grab a portable console certainly shouldn’t be disappointed by Sony’s latest offering.

Sony PSP UK site.

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