GC: Intel Mobile Extreme Gets Even More So

2.8GHz of overclocking goodness.

In case you considered the X7800 revealed last month just a tad underpowered then Intel’s announcement today in Leipzig may go some way to satisfying your appetite.

Clocking in at 2.8GHz is the now-official X7900, sitting on an 800MHz FSB and still keeping under the Merom 45W envelope at 44W TDP. And just like its siblings the X7900 will have an unlocked multiplier.

Unlike the X7800 which was leaked by accident, Intel has actually made this release official, demoing the processor in both an ASUS G2 gaming notebook and what Dell has allegedly codenamed “The Beast.” This is apparently just a well fitted specced M1730 and, we assume, neither blue nor fur-covered.

Still, if the releases we’ve gotten on day minus one of the Games Convention are any indicator of what’s coming, we must admit that the next few days seem set to be mighty interesting.

The Inquirer story.

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