GC: Halo Xbox Priced, Dated While Wii Takes Sales Lead

Yet more gaming news, shockingly during the Games Convention.

If you just read Riyad’s evaluation of the new Xbox 360 Elite (which goes on sale today), noticed the Halo 3 edition Premium console and thought “wow, how do I get one of those” the answer is at hand. The date for your diary is the 26th September, which is a Wednesday, along side the game’s release. The arguably stylish looking console will set you back £279.99, comes with a 20GB hard drive and as previously revealed will also sport the Elite’s HDMI port.

From the press release, it doesn’t appear that a cable is bundled with the Halo 3 Xbox though. Also not included is a copy of the game, which while at first does sound odd actually makes a bit of sense as it allows customers to chose between either the standard or collectors edition; the latter of which looks very nice indeed.

Also bundled is a plain green controller (not the one pictured), a Play and Charge kit, which is a nice touch and a green headset. Lastly, all purchasers will have access to some Halo 3 pictures and dashboard themes via Xbox Live. Of course a standard Premium will cost you £20 less, while the Elite with its six times larger hard drive is on £20 more, so you’ll really have to want the (admittedly quite cool) styling to shell out.

Of course Microsoft isn’t producing the only console on the market and boy doesn’t Nintendo know it. Despite launching a whole year after the Xbox 360, the Wii has now surpassed its rival (whatever Nintendo says about not competing) in lifetime sales. The data is sourced from the Video Game Chartz (apparently analytical prowess doesn’t require decent spelling) which compiles data from retailers about their sales as opposed to taking manufacturer shipped unit figures.

The long and short of it is that the Wii has now sold in the region of 10.53 million consoles compared to the Xbox’s 10.51 million. Meanwhile the poor PlayStation 3 is lagging behind at a mere 4.32 million sales. Of course even cumulatively those figures pale in comparison to the DS, of which 48.83 million have been sold. While personally I can’t understand the appeal of the Wii at all (because you’re clearly insane – ed.), it seems I’m in the minority and people are voting with their wallets.

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