GC: Day One PSP Roundup

Downloadable TV, GPS, IM, Atari games, is there anything the PSP can't do?

Yes, there are many things the PSP can’t do, play the mouth-watering Phantom Hourglass for example, but the list is definitely a lot shorter today. Sure, the PS3 is to get PlayTV, but the portable sibling is getting a whole slew of additional features no doubt intended to big-up the release of the PSP-2000 .

So, following on from the news earlier in the year Sony’s video-on-demand service for the PSP is now officially named GO! (a theme that perpetuates through the whole range of new functionality) and will be launching in January of next year, as previously hinted. Content will be downloadable either direct to the PSP or via a PC before transferring over Wi-Fi or USB. As traditional for Sony (as of today), no pricing information is being divulged as yet.

Of course you didn’t buy your PSP to watch TV did you? Of course not! On this foundation, then, Atari has decided to launch Atari: Classics Evolved, a collection of 60 original Atari 2600 games revamped for the PSP. I expect I’m (s)not(/s) alone in revelling at the idea of being able to play revamped versions of such awesome titles as Pong and Asteroids, but if you aren’t excited by the idea you are clearly mad. There, I said it.

GO!ing back to the GO! theme (see what I did there?) is some new functionality for the GPS add-on, this time it’s Go!Explore, a tasty bit of sat-nav software which uses the GPS plug-in device. The map offers such funky functions as 3D navigation along with a variety of overlays to display speed camera positions, petrol stations, points of interest and so forth. While dedicated systems may well offer a better solution, we can’t off the top of our heads think of one that crams as much functionality in. And even if there was, would it play Pong? Methinks not.

Finally, so far, is GO!Messenger which aims to bring instant massaging to the mobile console. I’m sure you’re aware that the omission of this feature was much lamented at the original launch. Joking aside, the ability for the mobile PSP user (surely you wouldn’t buy a PSP to sit in one place?) to communicate with other such minded people wherever they should roam is one of those features that strikes individuals as odd, but generally ends up appealing to the masses. Even better, should you have a GO!Cam you can also send video to your friends in Australia, or any other country for that matter.

So, more extra PSP functionality than you can shake a stick at and this is just the first day of the 2007 Games Convention. Now I’m going to go rest for a while and recover from my David Reeves overload.

Sony Playstation UK.

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