Garmin Unveils 2nd nuviphone

M20 to accompany G60 as this hybrid GPS/smartphone family grows...

The newly formed Garmin-Asus partnership said the original nuviphone (now dubbed the G60) would be just the first in a whole series – and they weren’t fibbing…

Today sees the announcement of the ‘M20’ – a little brother to the M60 which sports a slightly more conventional design but is no less interesting for it.

Outwardly, the M20 remains impressive with a 2.9in VGA touchscreen display, HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS (naturally) and a choice of 4GB/8GB storage options plus a microSD expansion slot. Furthermore while the M20’s 3MP camera is seemingly nothing to write home about it will automatically geotag every shot taken. Each M20 also comes with a bundled car dock and power cable.

Here’s the inevitable ‘BUT’ though: unlike the G60 it runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, a fact which has just lost this story half its readership. For the other 50 per cent hanging in there no pricing, availability or carrier info has surfaced yet.

”’In related news”’ Garmin has also chucked out a few more specs for the G60. It’s nothing we didn’t already know: HSDPA, 3.55in LCD (again described as the horribly ambiguous ‘WQVGA’), WiFi, 3MP camera, 4GB memory, microSD slot and GPS with turn-by-turn directions. As ever the question of what the OS underneath the G60 is remains unknown – it may even be proprietary.

As for availability, the usual first half of 2009 timeframe is still being mentioned, something that’s now drawing fairly close…


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