Garmin shows off new outdoor fitness tech at CES

Garmin took to CES to show off four new outdoor fitness products today at the Las Vegas tradeshow.

The Switzerland-based firm unveiled the Fēnix 3, the Epix, the Vívofit 2, and the Vívoactive.

The Fēnix 3 is Garmin’s latest GPS sports watch, designed to support ‘a full range of sports activities’.

Garmin talked up the wrist-borne tech as good for trail running, advanced fitness training, triathlons, cycling, skiing, hiking, kayakying, and even more adventurous water-based activities like canyoning.

Also on show was the Epix, Garmin’s first ‘rugged hands-free’ navigator, which boasts detailed mapping for hardy outdoor explorers.

Epix also doubles up as a fully-functional fitness training watch, so you can crack on with excursions through the wilderness all while keeping a tab on your health metrics.

The Epix can record distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and has different profiles accounting for various activities like running, cycling, and swimming.

The Vívofit 2 is an activity tracker for the ‘fashionably active’, largely thanks to its range of colours – blue, black, pink, and white.

Garmin positions the Vívofit 2 as an all-year-round device that users wear 24/7, and built it with the ever-active in mind.

It touts an impressive one-year battery life and boasts water-resistance up to 50 metres, meaning it’s good to stay on your wrist whatever the weather.

The Vívofit 2 monitors progress all day, and sets daily personalised step goals, with reminders in tow for those who find themselves engaging in the age-old sin of sloth.

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Finally comes the Vívoactive, a super-thin GPS smartwatch that proffers sports and activity tracking apps too.

Like the rest of the Garmin-stamped cohort, the Vívoactive is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Release dates and availability will be announced in due course, and we’ll make sure to keep you posted.