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New Xbox Series X controller leak tips November 6 release date

Just yesterday, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X would arrive in November, but a new leak could tell us exactly when it’ll go on sale.

A tip sent to The Verge could have revealed the release date for the controller and, by extension the console itself, as November 6. The anonymous tip purportedly shows a box for the as-yet-unreleased Xbox Series X controller featuring a sticker advising retailers: “Do not sell or display before November 6, 2020.”

Microsoft has commonly used these orange stickers when sending products to retail outlets, the report says. However, there’s not enough evidence here to confirm this is a genuine box.

This controller is reportedly the same as that leaked earlier this week in its retail box, which also confirmed the existence of the lower-cost Series S console. The first leaker said he was able to find the controller on the local seller app OfferUp for $35. It’s not clear where the person behind today’s leak acquired the controller, but they too said they were able to purchase it.

Those buying the controllers have been concentrated within the Chicago area in the United States. It appears there may have been a leak in the supply chain, perhaps as Microsoft brings the new hardware to local hubs ahead of the distribution in November.

Microsoft revealed the release month yesterday, partially to ease the disappointment of Halo Infinite being delayed until 2021. The company traditionally releases its consoles in the month of November before the start of the busy holiday shopping period, so this wasn’t be a surprise. The firm is not commenting on this speculation, however.

Gamers are still waiting on an official price tag for the console too, which will likely inform the purchase decision for many, in a year when gamers’ budgets have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.