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Will there be a PS5 Slim?

Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox Series S, and it’s being proclaimed as the “smallest Xbox ever” even compared to its rather small modern siblings. 

Compared to the Xbox Series X and the PS5, it’s positively tiny, which will definitely be a defining factor for those hoping to pick up a console which fits snuggly into their entertainment centre. So, the question arises, will the PS5 be receiving a miniature treatment? 

Will there be a PS5 Slim?

At the time of writing, the PS5 has two current models confirmed – a physical and digital version, with the latter launching with a slightly smaller form factor given the lack of a disc drive. That being said, it is still a bulky beast and arguably the biggest console we’ve ever seen from PlayStation. 

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Unfortunately for those hoping for something more subtle with the PS5, there are currently no plans for a slim model, and we doubt there will be for a couple of years at the earliest given the normal trajectory that is taken with console revisions. PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 spent a few years in their respective markets before refining the form factor to be both smaller and more affordable. We doubt this will change this time around. 

For example, the PS4 Slim launched in 2016 following the announcement of PS4 Pro, which was roughly three years after the vanilla console was unleashed into the wild. That, and it’s likely the PS5’s bulky yet attractive design serves a purpose for supporting its powerful inners, especially when it comes to preventing overheating and ensuring plenty of ventilation. 

We all know how obnoxiously loud the PS4 and PS4 Pro can be when running more demanding games, and we’d rather the new console be a bit on the chunky yet quieter side than be small and hurling out decibels like a jet engine. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.