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When is the next Steam Sale? Dates, times, deals and more

Steam Sales continue to be a battleground of bargains, providing some of the finest digital discounts in the gaming world when they arrive throughout the year.

While the era of daily deals and flash sales are now behind us, Steam’s regular promotions still offer players a variety of ways to bolster their libraries for a fraction of the price.

While the forthcoming Steam Summer Festival isn’t a sale in the traditional sense, it will no doubt come packaged with an assortment of discounts associated with the games on display. There’s a lot to dive into, so Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about upcoming Steam sales including all the latest dates, times, deals and more. 

When is the next Steam Summer Sale – Leak hints at potential dates

A new report has emerged which seems to accurately predict the dates for Steam’s Summer Sale. It originates from Pavel Djundik, who claims the sale will run from June 25 until July 9, with things kicking off at 9:55am PST/12:55pm EST/17:55pm BST exactly. This will provide players with roughly a fortnight to take advantage of plentiful discounts and bargains.

Djundik predicted last year’s sale start times too, adding plenty of weight to the claims included here. As for what the sale itself will include, it normally encompasses the entire gaming spectrum. Players can expect discounts on major blockbusters, indie darlings and everything inbetween. Here’s hoping some cool minigames are also incorporated into the storefront itself to give us an extra incentive to chase those bargains.

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When is the next Steam Sale – Dates and times

It likely won’t be for a few months at the earliest, with the exception of weekly deals and small promotions linked to individual publishers. If 2019 is any indication, the Steam Summer Sale will emerge in June with an avalanche of deals just as the weather is warming up. We’ll likely be in lockdown anyway, so the more bargains, the better. 

The Steam Summer Festival is set to take place in June, and will likely be accompanied by the Summer Sale as users test out showcased demos dropping in a window normally taken up by E3 2020, which sadly isn’t taking place this year due to Covid-19. 

The annual list of sales are as follows, and we expect 2020 to follow a similar pattern of events, some of which have already transpired: 

  • Steam Lunar New Year Sale
  • Steam Spring Sale
  • Steam Summer Sale
  • Steam Halloween Sale
  • Steam Black Friday/Autumn Sale
  • Steam Winter/Christmas Sale 

When is the next Steam Sale – How long are they?

Duration of a sale often depends on the season and/or occasion. The Summer and Winter Sales typically last a couple of weeks, with different deals being highlighted on the homepage with each passing day. You’ll have plenty of time to wishlist and purchase products before things return to normality. 

The Black Friday and Halloween Sales are much shorter, often lasting a week or so as they correspond to the event occurring in reality. Deals are often thematic, with discounts being offered on survival horror titles to fit the spooky occasion. Black Friday is more general, yet provides some of the year’s best discounts.