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Unreal Engine 5 reveal provides a stunning glimpse at how games will look on PS5

Epic Games has revealed Unreal Engine 5 with an impressive graphical presentation showcasing what the next-generation of consoles will be capable of. The best part is it’s running in real-time on PS5, acting as our first glimpse at next-gen gameplay. 

More specifically, the demo shown during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest focused on Sony’s PlayStation 5 – and it looks absolutely gorgeous. 

It’s a detailed look at the next generation of graphical technology, showcasing techniques such as dynamic global illumination and increased visual quality across the board. You can watch it for yourself below: 

The demo follows an adventurer as she explores a vast, uncompromising tomb. It’s accompanied by developer commentary, stopping constantly to comment on graphical techniques with a bunch of deliberate technical jargon. 

Visual hiccups such as LODs and pop-in can potentially be eliminated by making use of movie assets that consist of billions of polygons. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we’re excited to see how developers take advantage of Epic Games’ new tools.

An updated physics system also allows for far more realism in the movement of water, objects on the ground and clothing worn by characters. Animation systems have also been updated, with characters realistically interacting with the environment around them. The new system is described by Epic Games as “Lumen” and the results speak for themselves.

If you’re keen to uncover the Unreal Engine 5 features for yourself without watching the 9-minute demo in its entirety, the video below breaks down all the important features of the new engine. Epic Games is keen to stress everything is running in real-time on PS5.

Unreal Engine 5 will be launching in 2021 and will be compatible across current-gen and next-gen consoles along iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Time will tell how creators will take advantage of this technology, given Unreal Engine 4 powers some of the biggest blockbusters of this generation.