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A Total War Saga: Troy is free to download right now. Here’s how to get it

A Total War Saga: Troy launched today, taking Creative Assembly’s epic turn-based strategy series to the Bronze Age for the Trojan War. What’s more, it’s available to download and keep for free, as long as you add it to your library within the first 24 hours of release. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Yet this is the real deal, with Creative Assembly signing up a deal with Epic Games Store to allow them to give the game away for free so they can coax people into using their digital storefront. That does however mean it won’t be available via Steam until some point in 2021. 

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How to download A Total War Saga: Troy for free

All you need to do to grab your free copy of A Total War Saga: Troy is sign in to (or create) your Epic Games Store account, and hit “Get” and then “Place Order”. There’s no need to worry having enough storage space to download (it takes up 25.37GB) either, as you’re able to install at a later date without paying a dime. You just have to make sure you add the game to your library before the initial 24-hour period is over. 

A Total War Saga: Troy became available to download at 2pm UK time (6am PT), which means you’ve got until 2pm BST on 14th August to make sure you bag yourself a copy for free.

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But is the game any good? We gave it a 4-star rating while saying, “A Total War Saga: Troy feels like a very unique entry in the strategy series, blending historical accuracy and mythology in order to reap the benefits of both grounded warfare and fantastical entertainment.”

We also noted it’s a particularly good entry for Total War newcomers, with the small pool of unit types proving to be more digestible than say Warhammer II, while the in-game guides and tutorials do a great job of teaching you the fundamentals of combat and settlement management.