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Tomb Raider Reloaded is coming to mobile in 2021 – here’s the first trailer

Square Enix has announced Tomb Raider Reloaded, a free-to-play mobile game, which looks as if it’ll take the series back to its gunslinging roots.

There’s a new trailer out today showing a cartoonish Lara Croft, which doesn’t really tell us all that much beyond the developer’s description of a “free to play action arcade game.”

Lara is wearing her original teal green and khaki outfit and is shown evading an arrow trap and firing at a host of enemies, including spiders and golems and dinosaurs (oh my!), but there’s no real idea of what the gameplay will hold.

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You can see the brief teaser trailer for the game, which is being co-developed by Emerald City Games (of G.I. Joe: War on Cobra fame) below. There’s no news yet on when the game will be released, beyond the broad 2021 date stated at the end of the teaser.

It appears this is more of a lighthearted take on the character, which is a far cry from the gritty titles like the last instalment, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It won’t be the first time Lara has appeared on mobile devices either, with previous instalments including Lara Croft Go and Relic Run.

We’re hopeful of a return to form for the series here, after a somewhat disappointing final part of the new era trilogy. Shadow of the Tomb Raider received a disappointing 3.5/5 stars in our review. It earned praise for the gorgeous world and strong gunplay, but was let down somewhat by the weak narrative.

Our reviewer wrote: “Shadow of the Tomb Raider is an enjoyable action-adventure for the most part, yet frequently falls victim to a haphazard narrative and structural pacing that stops the trilogy’s finale from truly standing out.”

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