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Could Brits be facing a wait for the PS5 as US gets first dibs?

The Sony PS5 will arrive before end of the year. This much we know for sure. However, new hints have suggested some folks may get access to the next-gen machine before others.

A recent trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer promised the PS5 version of the game was “Coming Holiday 2020: US and Canada,” while advertising a “Late 2020” launch in the “rest of the world.”

Now, the anomaly spotted by Twitter user Riaan van Wyk, might just be down to the turn of phrase. While the US and Canada generally use the term “Holidays” to describe the period from late November to the end of the year, it is not widely used elsewhere.

On the contrary, it could indeed point to a staggered release date for the Sony PS5, which gives the North American region priority. Since the tweet was sent last weekend, the company has re-uploaded a version of the trailer that removes that messages, according to GamesRadar.