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Sony CES video reveals when a bunch of big PS5 games will be coming

Sony has unveiled updated release windows for all of its major first-party exclusives coming to PS5 alongside a handful of other blockbusters. 

While gaming news from the console giant has been relatively quiet this month, the end of its CES 2021 announcements saw a number of games being shown with updated release windows.

Granted, this came in the form of a small amount of text which could easily be missed, but eagle-eyed gamers were quick to spot everything they could. We’ve compiled the full list of updated launch windows below to make things nice and easy to digest. 

There’s no sign of Final Fantasy 16, which is surprising given it is set to be a major PS5 exclusive. Perhaps Square Enix is saving the next nugget of news regarding the JRPG for its own presentation or something. Fingers crossed, since we’d love to receive an update. 

Despite only launching in November of last year, the PS5 already has a selection of excellent exclusives like Demon’s Souls and Sackboy’s Big Adventure. 2021 is only set to make its library even better, and you can catch a peek at why in our upcoming PS5 games.

Here’s what I thought of the excellent console in my 4.5/5 review: “The PS5 is a meaningful evolution of Sony’s achievements with its predecessor. It’s a gorgeously accessible machine with a forward-thinking plan for the coming generation, whether that’s through its nuanced SSD technology or growing library of worthwhile exclusives.”

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