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Rumour: Xbox Series V could be an all-digital version of the Series X

A supposed image of the Xbox Series V has emerged online, which is rumoured to be an all-digital version of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

We’d take this rumour with several pots of salt since it doesn’t look entirely legitimate, but it’s an interesting idea when you consider how it would sit in the upcoming console family. 

Having emerged on Twitter, Xbox Series V will apparently be a console which sits between the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, acting as a digital version of the latter without a 4K blu-ray drive. 

So – it would have the exact same specs but adopt a lower price point due to the lacking innards. It could also provide weight to Project Edinburgh, a codename which has been doing the rounds online recently, much like Anaconda and Lockhart before it. 

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However, the leak presents all the hallmarks we’d expect from a fake reveal. It’s an off-screen image which has been taken at an obscure angle, and it honestly wouldn’t take a huge amount of photoshop wizardry to conjure something like this up.  

That, and Microsoft’s line of consoles is already confusing enough without adding another lettered entry into the mix. Offering consumers too many options at the beginning of a generation likely wouldn’t bode well, especially when they also have to compete against PS5.

We imagine this isn’t happening, or such an iteration will be arriving after the first two consoles launch on November 10. It would be amazing if Microsoft could prove us wrong, but for now we’d take the Xbox Series V with plentiful pinches of salt, despite how much of an exciting prospect it might be.