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Relive the horrors of 2020 in pixel form with this adorable browser game

You can now experience the traumatic events of 2020 in the form of a cute browser game on desktop and mobile, and it’s easier to reach the end of this one. 

Last year was hard on all of us, with Australian wildfires, the Covid-19 pandemic and the US election making day-to-day life feel like a genuine trial, so much so that saying goodbye to 2020 was a true relief once New Year’s Eve rolled around. 

Now, a talented developer has put together a browser game which has you playing through the biggest events of 2020 as you desperately try to survive by running and jumping past rogue viruses, falling stock prices and other cool references to the past 12 months. 

It only takes a few short minutes to complete, but charm is oozing off this pixel platformer, and the fact it will work on virtually any browser or modern smartphone means it’s definitely worth diving into on your lunch break. 

My personal highlight was dodging the incoming virus as it spewed forth from a 5G tower, poking fun at idiotic conspiracy theorists and anti-maskers who keep putting the vulnerable at risk.

Despite how awful the last year was, this game also takes time to highlight some of the nicer cultural touchstones, such as how in spite of the pandemic we bonded together online, and fought against systemic racism with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Being forced to stay inside your house as the toilet paper supply slowly dwindles away is a nice graphical touch, too. The game is filled with great visual gags like this, and seeing Trump being bested by Biden in the election towards the end is a lovely treat.

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