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The original Diablo makes a comeback on PC thanks to Blizzard and GOG

Blizzard’s beloved RPG classic is now available on PC in all its retro glory thanks to a new partnership with GOG.

The surprise release was announced earlier today, marking the first time Diablo has been made available through digital distribution.

If you’re worried that Blizzard is going to charge something extortionate for the iconic title, don’t be, as it’s on sale now for just £7.89/$10. What a bargain!

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First released back in 1996, the original Diablo is almost older than I am, making it a classic member of a legendary PC library from Blizzard.

Now, it has been updated to perform on modern systems alongside HD resolution graphics and improved sound quality across the board.

While Trusted Reviews wasn’t around to review Diablo back in 1996, we can confidently say it’s a fantastic RPG that arguably pioneered a genre back in 1996.

It has since been followed by two equally beloved sequels and the upcoming Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android. Perhaps, one day, we’ll hear something about Diablo 4.

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