A bunch of new Nintendo Switch games are set to be unveiled in tomorrow’s ‘Nindies’ presentation

Nintendo has announced a Nindies Presentation set to take place on Wednesday, March 20, which will see a bunch of new Switch games shown off.  

The upcoming mini-direct will likely see the reveal of several exciting indie titles in development for Nintendo Switch, and they often come with a few unexpected surprises.

How to watch Nintendo’s Nindies Presentation

You’ll be able to catch all of the action as it happens through Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch Channels. It all kicks off at 4pm BST/9am PDT.

As usual, Nintendo hasn’t provided many clues regarding what might be announced tomorrow afternoon, although we wouldn’t expect any big AAA reveals.

Instead, Nindies normally focuses on smaller, cheaper titles being ported to Switch or introduced for the very first time.

For example, the last presentation saw the surprise launch of Wargroove, which we ended up awarding 7/10 in our review:

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‘Wargroove is a faithful update of a classic strategy series and, despite some smart additions, never really achieves more than that. The competence is commendable, and this is a solid game that will keep strategy fans amused for a while.

Unfortunately, the final third of the campaign suffers from huge difficulty issues, which are exacerbated by UI and UX problems. Broadly, I like Wargroove, but without the rosy tinge of nostalgia it’s hard to see why you would those desperate for cut-back strategy wouldn’t just opt for Into The Breach, instead.’

What would you hope to see in tomorrow’s presentation? We’re crossing our fingers for a port of Return of the Obra Dinn. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews