GameStop’s latest used games scheme looks like an incredible deal

With digital game sales continuing to grow as gamers seek immediacy, the second hand market is somewhat under threat.

US retailer GameStop has come up with an innovative solution that will help its brick and mortar stores stay relevant in the digital age.

The company’s new PowerPass subscription service gives customers access to unlimited used games for $60 every six months.

Gamers can pop into any location, take home a pre-owned game and then simply exchange it for a new one when they’re finished with it.

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Once the six month term has ended, subscribers keep the last game they borrowed, meaning they can simply choose a near-new release and make significant savings.

Effectively it works out as $10 a month to rent one game at a time, with the ability to keep one that might cost more than $50 to buy at the end of it all.

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To qualify, gamers in the United States will need to be GameStop PowerUp Rewards members, but they won’t need to pay for the Pro or Elite tiers.


The program emerged via a leaked advertisement and the details have since been confirmed by GameStop (via DigitalTrends)

While this seems like a great deal on paper, a lot will depend on the stock levels for the newer games.

Can GameStop keep enough pre-owned top titles in stock for subscribers to be pick and choose?

Sign ups begin on November 19.

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