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GamePop console will bring iOS gaming to TVs, by cutting out Apple

The forthcoming GamePop console will offer iOS games by emulating the software without using Apple’s code, according to manufacturer BlueStacks.

The console, which will also offer Android games on a subscription basis when it launches later this year, will be capable of visualising games made for iPhone and iPad and playing them on a connected television set.

Instead of going through Apple, developers will need to give their code (with a few minor alterations) to BlueStacks and the company’s ‘Looking Glass’ software will do the rest.

The result is that GamePop will become the first non-iOS device to be capable of running games that have been designed for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Of course, those with an Apple TV set can play games on their television through the AirPlay functionality. However, in our experience, there’s plenty of lag for gamers to deal with that undermines the experience.

Speculation in earlier this year had suggested that Apple may finally open up an App Store for Apple TV and even launch a dedicated game controller, but it’s been all quiet on that front lately. Who knows? Perhaps Apple has a surprise up its sleeve for the WWDC keynote?

One would feel that Apple wouldn’t be too pleased with the GamePop plans, but according to Bluestacks there’s nothing Cupertino can do about it.

The GamePop console was announced last month and will arrive in the winter. It’s the latest device to attempt to bring the casual gaming experience to the television set.

Of course, there’s the Kickstarter-funded Ouya device that’s in the process of rolling out to backers, while accessory manufacturer MadCatz will also unveil an Android-based console at the E3 expo which begins in earnest this week.

However, the GamePop will seemingly have the built in advantage of being able to supply iOS exclusives as part of its all-you-can-eat subscription package. Score one to Bluestacks.